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Nonprofits – How Amazing!

By Shirley A. Satterfield


If you want to start a nonprofit, or you have a nonprofit and want to enhance your board, or you wish to add more volunteers to your board, where might you go to get answers and guidance about the makings and sustaining of nonprofits?  You will definitely want to meet the wonderful, amazing person who, for years, has been and continues to be the backbone and supporter to many persons who have started and established nonprofits. This nonprofit leader is Marge Smith, Founder and CEO of Princeton Community Works, an annual educational conference for individuals and nonprofits.


Photo Credit: Princeton Community Works


Marge Smith began Princeton Community Works in 1999 with the support of several Princeton Rotary Club members.  PCW’s mission is “to enable nonprofit boards, staff and volunteers to work together more effectively through networking, developing skills, and raising community awareness.” Her annual conferences began and have continued on Princeton University’s campus and for the past two years was presented virtually.  The conferences have attracted more than 25 workshops attended by over 700 nonprofit participants. Throughout 34 years of conferences, more than 12,000 people have attended over 550 workshops.


Marge has received many community and national awards for her commitment to empowering many nonprofits, especially those led by women, to discover their strengths and make creative and sustainable changes in their communities. As an adjunct professor at Mercer County Community College she teaches networking and training to nonprofits, board members and volunteers.  As someone who attended her class, I completed a course that empowered me, gave me the confidence and support I needed to begin my own nonprofit, WJHCS!


Yes, Marge Smith is willing and able to assist, encourage, and support anyone who is starting or has a nonprofit. Her enthusiasm, care and joy are contagious and welcoming.  She encourages everyone who joins her Community Works meetings and planning sessions, everyone who attends the many workshops, and the many people who call her a friend.  At the conclusion of each meeting with Marge, everyone proclaims an enthusiastic farewell: “I AM AMAZING, YOU ARE AMAZING, WE ARE AMAZING.”


For more information about PCW, or to learn about being a speaker, volunteer, or attendee, please visit:

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