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WJHCS Welcomes New Trustees

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In 2016, twelve dedicated and talented community members joined the Witherspoon-Jackson Historical and Cultural Society’s first Board of Trustees. Today, there are nine remaining members who continue to serve and uplift the first organization to promote and share the rich history of African American life and contributions in Princeton, NJ.


We are pleased and honored to warmly welcome six new members in 2024 who will contribute to the improvement and success of this organization:


Mr. Ramon Basie is a Senior Account Executive whose family spans four generations in the Witherspoon-Jackson Neighborhood. Along with the nurturing love and care of his family, he credits the Princeton Public Schools and Witherspoon Street Presbyterian Church for his strong sense of community, education and faith. Throughout his career, he has taken on leadership and mentorship roles that have allowed him to develop strong interpersonal and professional skills, offer advice, share expertise, set goals, foster a positive and productive work environment, and help individuals develop their skills and capabilities. He aspires to contribute as a Trustee by raising awareness and appreciation for Princeton’s African American heritage.


Ms. Tracy Craig was born, raised and educated in Princeton and has decades of experience in Law Enforcement and is currently the Director of Visitors Services & Security at Morven Museum and Gardens. In both positions she was a strong leader who was entrusted with the protection of valuable collections of art. She has a family legacy in Princeton and wishes to ensure that the rich history of the Witherspoon-Jackson continues through outreach and commitment. Her contribution as a Trustee will center on events/programming and tours.


Mr. Julian Edgren, is a Senior Designer at Studio Hillier where he is an emerging leader in the firm’s architectural work. He is also currently the Editor of the WJHCS Newsletter, which publishes a quarterly online newsletter highlighting the history and stories of the Witherspoon-Jackson neighborhood. Having already served WJHCS in a volunteer role for over five years while living in the neighborhood for three years, he has developed a deep knowledge of and appreciation for the Witherspoon-Jackson Community. As a Trustee he aims to preserve the neighborhood’s rich history and raise awareness of the challenges facing the neighborhood and its residents.


Mr. James Levine, is the Chief Human Resource Officer of Church & Dwight. As past President of the Arts Council of Princeton he gained a respect and appreciation for the history of the Witherspoon-Jackson Neighborhood and the importance of preserving its history. His primary contribution to the WJHCS Board will be his experience with fundraising and connections with other organizations. As a Trustee he aspires to increase effectiveness in community engagement and to support the creation of a neighborhood archive for continued community education.


Ms. Paige Walden is a Program Analyst and Talent Acquisition Consultant whose family history runs deep in the Witherspoon-Jackson Community. She wishes to preserve the history of our neighborhood by supporting the vision and mission of the WJHCS. She has experiencing organizing events and will be an asset to the organization in fundraising for WJHCS initiatives and programs. She has divine faith that she has been led into leadership roles, now including WJHCS Board membership.


Mr. Adam Welch is the current Executive Director of the Arts Council of Princeton and cares deeply about the history of African American life in Princeton and the partnership between the Arts Council and WJHCS. He has made extensive efforts to support the African American community through exhibits, programs, meetings, events, and art installations that preserve and honor the residents, past and present, who have given service and contributions to the town of Princeton. As a Trustee he will help the organization make connections that promote the history of the community through creative events, celebrations and initiatives.


Welcome WJHCS Trustees!

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WJHCS Trustees Recent Accomplishments and Honors:


Honoree: Leighton Newlin

Date: January 5, 2022

Elected: Princeton Councilmember


Honoree: Rev. Gregory Smith

Award: Ordination and Installation as Pastor

Date: November 20, 2021

Awarded By: Second Calvary Baptist Church, Hopewell, NJ



Honoree: Shirley Satterfield

Award: Community Engagement Award

Date: November 17, 2021

Awarded By: Princeton University and Pace Center for Civic Engagement


Honoree: Shirley A. Satterfield

Award: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Award

Date: January 16, 2021

Awarded By: New Jersey Education Association (NJEA)

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