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Black Love in Princeton


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Black Love in Princeton


Robin and Gail Everett

By Rev. Gregory S. Smith


Over the next few segments of our newsletter, we will be focusing on Black Love in Princeton’s Witherspoon-Jackson Community. We will be featuring marriages in various stages of their journey, beginning with 60 years, 40 years and 25 years of marriage. This is the second article in this series.


Robin and Gail Everett first met as children at Robin’s 9th birthday party, but it was 20 years later in 1980 at a blind date set up by her dear friend Gracie McEwen, when Gail, two years Robin’s senior, fell for the golden eyes.


The setting was a party at the Third World Center (now the Carl A. Fields Center for Equality and Cultural Understanding) where Robin desperately tried to get his first kiss. Gail who had recently returned to Princeton from living in California, held out that evening, but began to note some special attributes about him. “The the way he looked out for me, brought stuff from his grandmother’s house for me, and the way he held my hand was what made the difference.”


They dated for two years and in honor of her dad’s birthday, they married on March 8, 1980 at First Baptist church, by the then Rev. Edward Smith. When speaking of Robin, Gail adds, “Robin feels like he is my protector, he wont let anyone mess with me. He has such a big and loving heart.”



As a child, Gail remembers having attended his 9th birthday party and swimming in a pool. Robin admits that he liked Gail from the very moment he saw her but he always maintained his quiet and shy personality. Their love was forged on the principal of family first. Robin became an adoring step father to Gail’s eldest son Anthony before having two additional sons.


Gail describes Robin and herself as “Soulmates from God meant for good.” Prior to marriage they chose to live together mentioning that “You have to really know the person.” They dated and lived together for 2 years getting to really know one another, and their love has indeed paid off. Gail describes Robin as the hardest working man she knows, one who plans to work until the day he dies. Robin has worked for 35 years for the township as a special equipment operator, and he has his own landscaping and scrapping business on the side. Gail, who retired after 31 years at Princeton University working in security, now has worked ten years as an autism para professional for the Princeton Regional School district. She also has a thriving health and wellness business.


Robin emphasized the importance of developing trust with one another. In reflection about their marriage they concede that they overcame a lot of adversity. “People thought we wouldn’t make it. Yet we worked hard, nobody gave us hope so we learned to encourage one another through the challenges of drug addiction, incarceration, and a plethora of other challenges. But love clearly won!”


Robin is proud to celebrate 27 years of sobriety. Similarly, Gail gave up drinking 42 years ago. Instead of partying and drinking, she pledged never to indulge again, by the grace of God. That’s when working out became her hobby.


When not exercising with her wellness group, she spends her time at home cooking incredible healthy dishes. Gail believes in staying in the house connecting with family, and she has a desire to eventually find a house of faith to build her spiritual journey. According to Gail, God and Robin are her best friends.


In the meantime, she is very active building her brand, Olivia’s Wellness Connection, a wellness ministry that Gail founded in tribute to her mother Olivia White who died suddenly at the age of 48 in 1970. Gail is also a certified wellness trainer and nutrition coach helping people take control of their health and well-being by teaching the benefits of healthy eating and exercise.


The Everett family continues to build on their love as they contemplate plans to move to a warmer climate, which will be a tremendous loss to the Princeton community. Nevertheless, while they are here, they are a tremendous example to us all and we are very grateful to be able to showcase their featuring black love Princeton.


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