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Lord, We Thank You for These and Others…

By Rev. Gregory S. Smith



As I form my praise and reflect on my days I cannot forget

The ones you let be used by you to see me through…


From the homes of our mothers and fathers who started our journeys

Laura Wooten, Jean Riley, Mr. Lamont Fletcher, Mr. Sinkler

I stand aside and I say with pride, we thank you…a job well done!


With the style and flair of Frances Craig, Harriet Johnson and Melva Moore

Or the maternal touch of Sarah Harris, Nellie Ware, Helen Geary

For the persistent knowledge and affirming words

Of Ms. Barbara Sinkler, Barbara Taylor, and Mattie McNair

We bless you all for surmounting the call and for making us all…aware!


And what could they do without the infamous few

who could latch us and if necessary snatch us…

Hazel Rhodes, Estelle Johnson, Marilyn Yates, Wynona Smith Ashante Thompson

We thank you too for always supporting us and keeping us awake;

For the misters Mr. Waxwood, Mr. Bill Johnson, Mr. Sinkler, Mr. Vivens, Mr. Brooks

Mr. Brazille, Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Rashawn Johnson, Mr. Carter and others

They make the pride we carry inside!


For the guidance from Evelyn Counts, Shirley Satterfield

And of course marvelous Marvin, Ms. Parker

We bless you for bringing us through turbulent pre and post adolescent flow.

For Joyce Johnson, Linda Johnson, Martique Branch, Willie Mitchell and Rosie Fambro, Gail Everett

And others who through the years would calm our fears, dry those tears

Thank you believing in us, sustaining and keeping and affirming in us what we know!


And we thank you for the doctors in the house…

We thank you for Dr. Drewey, Dr. Edith Francis, Dr. Virginia Euell

Dr. Cele Hodges, Dr. Victoria Ellis, Dr. Carol Kelly

All who paved the way, while teaching and leading us through administration, science

English, French, and German just to name a few…


Then what about non commisioned teachers like Fred Pogo, Len Brown

John Young, Slop, Pete Young, Raymond and Gilbert Fisher, Donald Johnson

Eddie Butler, Eric and Jay Craig, Mr. Mckellar, Mr. Newlin, Mr. “Just call me Ken” Samuels

Mr. Jimmy Mack, Mr. Brown, Clyde Buster Thomas, Pete Burford, Hank Pannell

Mr. Jimmy Carter, Mr. John and Romus and Roland Glover

And of course Tommy Parker, John Madden, and JB

You heard our fervent pleas…


Or Minnie, Sugie, Jackie, or Chip

Mahasin, Sherry, Sonnie, or Sallie-Ann

Bobbie J. Freeman or Joyce, Joan, Florence

Khadijah, Rick young, Jenny Brown, Lina Mae Boone

Mommy Bertha Touissant, Momma Liz, Momma Anna Joachim

Virginia Burford, Karen Marrow, Jacqui Swain, Ms. Ann, Ms. Lucy

The Douglass girls, the Smith girls, the Wells girls

And a plethora of other girls far far too many to name

We love you and we honor you all just the same.


Or my peers Eric Cook, Jerome Rex, Larry Mckellar, Chris Marrow, Randy Freeman

Billy Turner, Cora Sloane, Lisa Bess, Lisa Phox, Peady Marrow and Annette Mendez

I stood before your graves, before you went away, these long and heartless days.


All who stood and stand proud, all who stood and stand strong

Teaching lessons often without books and keeping our hearts and minds aflame,


And while we pray we certainly cannot forget our emulators of faith

Rev. Ed Smith, Curly Guidry, Rev. Albert Tyson, Rev. Marion Stokes, Rev. Leon Gipson

Rev. Fred D. Tennie, Rev. Dr. Nabors, Rev John White, Rev. Jed Carter, Rev. Phylicia Thomas

Rev. Carlton Branscomb, Rev. Cousins and Wade, Dr. Brooks, Dr. Blanks.

Though not always perfect, they were prophetic and kept our faith aflame!


Who are the others

Share them by name

Lord we thank you for them too!



As we form our praise and reflect on our days

We’ll never forget the ones you let be used by you to see us through…

Amen and Amen


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