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A Book to Read


By Rev. Gregory S. Smith

In order to release a thought that brings our mind to task,

We’ve got to read a solid book of future or of past,

A book that bears a message, regardless of its length,

A book that shares the vision for a future filled with strength,

A book that reaches higher heights, connecting thoughts and seams;

A book that shares our silent plight while nourishing our dreams;

We need a fervent reader,

Whose passion will fulfill;

The endless gifts of sacrifice

Our parents did instill;

To read a book that bears the light and knowledge of our claim,

A book that shares what’s now at stake and helps us know our name;

A special book that frees our minds from archived doom and gloom,

Those books that build our sacred fight, and open up our rooms;

No longer can we idly sit,

Great readers, heed the call!!

With books releasing brand new skills,

that help us tear down walls!

With future and with past at stake,

No longer can we claim,

A silent voice dependent on past thoughts of thrill or fame,

Each day our minds are compromised,

We’re losing space and ground,

While less intense new formulas

Are gaining space and sound;

We need some fresh new literature,

Connecting you and me,

A book that shares the bigger plan,

Releasing minds to see;

We need a fervent reader,

We must now heed the call,

Expand your vast filled knowledge,

Dispel our mindless fall,

Reach high, connect, expand your thoughts,

With visions that will cast,

A brand-new space or paradigm

With words and thoughts that last!

Community Calendar

WJHCS Trustees Accomplishments and Honors:


Honoree: Bob Hillier, FAIA

Award: Reginald F. Lewis Community Service Award for Excellence in Business

Date: February 12, 2021

Awarded By: First Baptist Church of Princeton


Honoree: Shirley A. Satterfield

Award: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Award

Date: January 16, 2021

Awarded By: New Jersey Education Association (NJEA)


Honoree: Rev. David McAlpin

Award: Recognition Celebration

Date: January 30, 2021

Awarded By: Witherspoon Street Presbyterian Church

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