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The Hourglass of Time

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The Hourglass of Time

By Rev. Gregory S. Smith


Time, my friends, is fleeting

Like particles of sand

Etched sound and safe in tempered glass

At first appearing grand


But as the moments swiftly move

Each grain gives way to part

And so deceptively seeps away

As particles will start


Then suddenly you see a shift

As massive mounds give way

And all the fortress once pressed firm

Has found new grounds to lay


Our lives are much like grains of sand 

Perched in an hourglass

With only just a fleeting time 

To make our moments last


So, use your time hence carefully

Although the sand once vast.

The days ahead can’t guarantee 

The grains now seen will last


We must be here to give some back

We need to lend our voice 

It’s up to us to save this town

The time left leaves no choice.


There still are moments to engage

Our legacy to share

A message buried deep within

Still a burden shared 


There still are remnant traces

That seek to share in sight

Collecting with the few remaining

We still can win the fight 


We must create new grains of sand

And teach our legacy 

Instilling our great heritage 

And charging them to see 


As you contemplate this call

Find ways to make it stand 

Cause fleeting as the hourglass

Our time, mere grains of sand!


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WJHCS Trustees Accomplishments and Honors:


Honoree: Leighton Newlin

Date: January 5, 2022

Elected: Princeton Councilmember


Honoree: Rev. Gregory Smith

Award: Ordination and Installation as Pastor

Date: November 20, 2021

Awarded By: Second Calvary Baptist Church, Hopewell, NJ


Honoree: Shirley Satterfield

Award: Community Engagement Award

Date: November 17, 2021

Awarded By: Princeton University and Pace Center for Civic Engagement


Honoree: Shirley Satterfield

Award: Liz Erickson Impact Award

Date: October 28, 2021

Awarded By: NonProfit Connection



Honoree: Bob Hillier, FAIA

Award: Reginald F. Lewis Community Service Award for Excellence in Business

Date: February 12, 2021

Awarded By: First Baptist Church of Princeton


Honoree: Shirley A. Satterfield

Award: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Award

Date: January 16, 2021

Awarded By: New Jersey Education Association (NJEA)


Honoree: Rev. David McAlpin

Award: Recognition Celebration

Date: January 30, 2021

Awarded By: Witherspoon Street Presbyterian Church

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